Israel rates

Do you want to spend good time in a relaxed atmosphere? Me too! Handle me the agreed donation within 5 minutes after we meet. Don't put me in an uncomfortable situation when I have to ask for my gift. If we are in public, please hand me the envelope in a gift bag.


For Israel only (all donations are in NIS):

All dates are subject to screening and/or deposit 


1 hour 1500

90 mins 2250

2 hours 2750

Additional hour 1000

Cocktail date 3 hours (1,5h drinks + 1,5h play) 2750

Dinner date 4 hours (2h dinner + 2h play) 3750

Overnight (up to 12 hours with minimum 6 hours of beauty sleep) 7000

24 hours 11000

36 hours 15000

48 hours 18000 


I offer Private photo shoots and filming +1000. Note I wear a mask or sunglasses 


Duo is available with my stunning girlfriend.



Extended dates (Overnights and longer)

Extended dates are offered with your understanding of my needs in advance. Minimum of 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, personal time to refresh (shower, hair and makeup), private phone time for basic personal matters. A deposit is required.


International travels

I love to travel and am passport ready! 

·    I appreciate a healthy sleeping schedule, and diet when traveling. No matter where I am. I will need at least 1 hour to work out. If there is a trainer that can be called that would be highly rewarded.

·    I appreciate at least a week of notice for traveling accommodations.

·    Deposits are required of our date to hold our reserved time.

·    Expenses for travel incurred are covered by you.

·    I fly business and first class.

·    Fly Me To You rates do not include my traveling expenses and lodging.

When I do travel on Fly Me To You, I sometimes like to stay a day or two extra



Please inquire about longer engagements and monthly arrangements to my email. 


I do not accept deposits in advance of final scheduling. Deposits are only to be made at the confirming of a time, since they are intimately related to both of us taking that confirmed time seriously.


I kindly request for you to have respect and consideration of my time if you must cancel our appointment. If canceling necessary please notify me no less than 24 hours in advance. I understand that emergency arise so if you need to cancel the same day; I require a 50% deposit to reschedule or to cover for my inconvenience.