Q: Is it you on pictures?

A: Yes! I appreciate your time and your wish to meet the lady, you liked on photos, so I only use my real ones with minimum photoshop.


Q: Could you send me a selfie? Can I see your face?

A: Due to my safety reason I am relied upon to keep my face a pretty little secret however, I can share some pictures displaying my face for those of you that complete pre-screening (you provide me with your picture ID and a selfie in which you keep the ID in your hand (both face and info on the document must be visible) and your LinkedIn and/or FaceBook account).


Q: Can you wear the same lingerie/dress/shoes as on pictures? Could I ask for a dress code?

A: When I travel I don’t take all my huge wardrobe with me but I always have something elegant and sexy. Let me know your fantasies and I’ll try to satisfy your needs.


Q: What servises do you offer?

A: I'm a person, not a service.


Q: Can we meet on a date to see if we're compatible?

A: Absolutly! Coffe, a drink, eating out - my usual appreciation will apply. If you want affection for free I'd suggest you any dating website where you can get to meet absolutely free. Good luck with that ;-)